Ubique Game Ranch is a working game ranch in Limpopo Province, South Africa and lies in the heart of the South African Bushveld, approximately 200km north of Pretoria, within 2.5 hours’ drive from OR Tambo International Airport.

Ubique Game Ranch is approximately 6200 ha (62km2), home to a large variety of Flora and Fauna, where our specialty is African Wildlife. The South African game industry excels on four three essential pillars of breeding, hunting, and ecotourism.


At Ubique Game Ranch we expertly practice all four three of these activities.

Ubique Game Ranch is part of the Savanna biome, fondly known as the Bushveld which consists of nature area of mixed grassland, beautiful trees, and diverse flora.

For the avid birdwatcher & the amateur entomologist this is simply paradise!


Derived from Latin and means EVERYWHERE.

Everywhere at Ubique Game Ranch memorable experiences await. Whether you wish to commune with animals in nature in this tranquil African Bush setting or long to experience the thrill of the hunt, or to simply rave about the sighting, Ubique Game Ranch offers the ultimate destination of your African everywhere wish.

Ubique’s staff pledge excellence of service everywhere you need us during your stay at our 4 star graded Lodges.



Ubique offers an authentic hunting experience for both first time hunters and avid hunters seeking the ultimate trophy hunt. Under the guidance of experienced trackers, you can thoroughly enjoy the Bush and the adrenaline rush of the hunt, while we take care of all the logistics as part of an inclusive hunting package.


Light, heat and therefore life.


Starting with our fiery ball, our sun in the sky that rises and sets each day with spectacular fanfare!

The flames burning in our stone fireplaces throughout our lodges bring warmth and ambiance to our guests.

There is an African folklore that says that the sparks that fly off into the night sky from a real wood fire, well they are the birth of stars in the African sky.

Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant.

Because we know that relaxing around a “boma” of burning Sekelbos wood sparks good ideas and friendships and even lucrative business deals are forged in the heat of our fires.


Passion for nature and balanced rejuvenation burns brightly at Ubique Game Ranch!

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